Smarter food choices that help manage depression

The way food interacts in our bodies to support or reduce health is highly complex, thats why one needs to improve focus on multi- nutrients and food components that the body requires and needs.

Research shows that healthy foods and a varied diet boosts mood,you dont have to be depressed.This has to be a good nutritional plan because it includes plenty of vegetables, fruits,wholegrains,beans and nuts, foods rich in Omega 3 and fatty acids.

As you try to incorporate this healthy foods into your diet,also try your best to cut off processed and packaged foods. This food choices will help manage depression, by providing a variety of important nutrients.

1.Nuts– nuts are healthy and densely packed with fibre,protein and healthy fats. Try to get atleast an ounce a day of mixed nuts. ( if possible keep track of calories).

2.Whole grains– know whats good for your body? Choosing whole grains and high fibre foods over refined sugars and flour products. This is good for your brain health and your body generally. You could start by keeping your blood sugar stable by eating less sweets’ or highly refined carbohydrates,then try incorporating these.

3.Fruits— more fruits,the lower the risk of depression. Fruits are rich in vitamins, minerals and micronutrients. You should definitely eat atleast a cupful when you want a sweet sensation. Include berries and bananas, they improve mood.

4.Vegetables– the variety of vitamins and minerals in veggies as well as fibre may help protect you against low mood and depression. You’ll need 2 to 3 cups a day. Feeling blue,eat a carrot.

5.Hot cocoa– contains a type of antioxidants said to boost mood. That calm feeling and contentment.

6.Coffee- a cup of caffeinated coffee could boost your mood,long and short term. On a short term basis, it provides an immediate pick me up and provide a social mood boost.

7.Beans and peas– the Mediterranean diet has many advantages. A potential role in preventing and managing depression over your life span.Legumes including beans,peas and lentils are a large component of the Mediterranean diet. They support gut health by providing prebiotics which feed the healthy bacteria in your gut.Atleast 1 to 2 cups of either per week.

8.Fish-fish plays a role in many regional diets, such as the Japanese diet,that has been studied and reccomended for antidepressive benefits.

9.Grass fed Beef– proteins, high quality, are blocks for a mood boosting diet.Grass fed beef contains more of healthy fats ,omega 3 and fatty acids that might help in managing depression.

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