I want to be numb

It was lots of drama and lots of chaos

I was always there ,just me ,and I saw everything that happened

Thought I knew who was to blame,but for a minute I didn’t

Shit gave me lots of pressure,but he told me to find a distraction anytime it happened again,

So it happens again,lots of drama lots of chaos,I didn’t try to blame this time,

I just found Distractions,

again and again

Even when it got intense ,I found Distractions

But why did it still hurt?

So I call him,tell him Distractions ain’t working

I want to be numb….

Im only a person

For someone who’s not proud of their past and finally or somehow finds their way back you’ll feel the urge to make it right.

Even much,for someone who really thought to themselves that they needed a second chance,and something assures you you were given one.

Finally back on track, back to yourself,and you start it off good.Self realisation comes back to you,and everything is clear now,you know what to do and how to do it. The energy and determination, at its best.

This feeling that i got another chance to do things right again, not that i messed up bad,its like at some point in life i lost myself, and nothing much was going on with me. Wandered for a minute until i somehow found my way back ,and i knew i had to make things right.

This urge to make things right, pushed me to doing better and trying new things out and realising that i was actually good. But it made me a control freak ,i only want things to go right and anytime they dont am freaking out.

So bad that sometimes its like am losing my mind again, i keep asking myself why i wasnt enough like why i never give it my all,i dont even realise i did ,like i really tried.

At that moment, anxiety takes over,back to constantly worrying about everything, and it really takes a hold of me and i dont like it.

Am finally admitting that anxiety is getting worse on me,i need to chill out sometime appreciate how far ave come believe in myself more that am doing my best ,then try to move with the floww.

Am really trying, its not hard i know

and maybe its that am just a person .

A child’s fate

Malnourishment was the first sign of trouble.

Not so bad,but her collar bones were sticking out,her eyes filled with very litte joy and a cloud of agony,no sign of peace.

I wondered what was going on in her head.Then something else caught my attention, the bites on her body,human bites.

Not one ,not two,but all over her body,then the scratches and stitches on her face??

I heard someone calling her at a distance,her mother I supposed, and she stood up fast and in shock,terrified much ,

Thats when i knew,that at 9years of age ,she was being abused.

She was being battered….

Child violence and abuse is all too common,with about 50% of children experiencing it in some form. From sexual violence to child battering, in the name of discipline children are given corporal punishment.

Only for showing emotions and making mistakes we adults make,over and over,,

Its not common for children to report violence or seek assistance, they think violence is to be tolerated.After all ,they experience abuse at their safe places,by their caregivers,in homes and in schools,

Child violence has to stop!!

Because it affects children from all backgrounds, leaving them with permanent disabilities, injuries ,health issues and emotional scars. They have an innate need to be close to their parents or caregivers,and this connection is usually achieved when a child is loved ,cared for and protected, not when they are abused.

There is need to sensitize the public on a child’s protection ,and to continue to strengthen the existing community structures as they play a key role in the identification and referral of children in need of protection.

We raise awareness and address societal norms so that violence against children is considered unacceptable and immediate action taken on those involved, as rapid as possible!!!

Violence against children should no longer be tolerated, it has to stop!!!!!!!!!!!

Defined by heritage and culture….

…the Masai community stans,they are beautiful people.

But First , a cup of soup  to welcome you to our land,

A handful of our beads, to make sure you’ll always remember us.

Welcome to Masai land , where our culture defines us,our heritage distinguishes us from the rest. Our pride is still in our cattle,and our harmonious relation with the wild makes us ‘people of nature.
The masai community is Kenyas cultural symbol. Because of their resistance to norms and culture since their origin ,despite the effect of modernization and the Western culture influence.However, not everyone has withheld onto this culture,some have been modernized.

This culture and society is planned in groups,  based on age, called age-sets, for both men and women. For each group, there are certain initiations that will move them to the next level, and this calls for the many ceremonies held by this community. This ceremonies are an expression of Masaic culture and self determination, and every ceremony is a new life.

They include Enkipaata (senior boy ceremony), Emuratta (circumcision), Enkiama
 (marriage), Eunoto (warrior-shaving ceremony), Eokoto e-kule (milk-drinking ceremony), Enkang oo-nkiri (meat-eating ceremony), Olngesherr (junior elder ceremony), etc. Also, there are ceremonies for minor boys and girls including, Eudoto/Enkigerunoto oo-inkiyiaa (earlobe modifications), and Ilkipirat (leg fire marks). Traditionally, boys and girls must undergo these initiations prior to circumcision.In noting that in the 21st century, the young women of this community dont undergo circumcision.

Many of these initiations concern men while women’s initiations focus on marriage.  Men will form age-sets moving them closer to adulthood. 
Women do not have their own age-sets but are recognized by those of their husbands.

In every stage ,there are certain rituals performed, and this is where the involved parties either shave their hair or plait and apply the red ochre.Therefore ,both Maasai men and women shave their head at some point, as a sign of a new beginning after every initiation.Most Masai women have short hair throughout their lives though, which is mostly clean shaved, especially during initiation such as the night before circumcision.

However, amongst all these ceremonies, circumcision is the most important. Because it symbolizes the end of childhood to adulthood .It has helped the community find their place in the society.
A masai boy’s life starts with this…

Enkipaata, Pre-circumcision

The first initiation of a Maasai boy is the Enkipaata, a ceremony occurring before circumcision.  A delegation of boys between 14 and 16 years of age, has to go on a journey within their lands announcing their next age set, a journey taken with the company of a group of elders who guide them.

An elderly woman, mostly mothers and grandmothers shave their boys in readiness for them to be circumcised. Before the operation, boys have to take a cold shower to purify themselves and also cut their hair by shaving them completely;; as per the customs, before every ritual of passage, both men and women, shave their head as a sign of a new beginning.

Circumcision- Emuratta

Before the ceremony, boys have to sleep outside the village in the wilderness. And when coming back the next day, they have to wear wide “shukas” and dance all day long. At the end of this last ceremony, the boys are finally ready for the most important initiation: the Emuratta or circumcision.

The healing process will take 3-4 months, and boys must remain in black cloths for a period of 4-8 months. After they are healed,they are shaved ,as they have become a new person and receive the status of of a new warrior.

At the age of about 18 or so, the age-set becomes MORAN (warrior).The next step is to form the Emanyatta (warrior’s camp).
The purpose of the camp is to keep men of the same age set together and fulfill their role as a military force. This is where the warriors learn about the age set brotherhood, the art of oratory skills and animal husbandry.They plait their hair in a special way, smearing it with with ashes, clay, animal fats, and ochre, the red colour that is mostly used to style and colour their heads during special occasions.

Their hair style has lion symbolism, where the warriors’ long “mane” symbolises masculine beauty.It also symbolises protection, strength as it is related African lion’s strength, a great source of pride and confidence to the Maasai men, who once in their life time have had to kill a lion.They will spend upto 10 years in the Emanyatta before the Eunoto ceremony ( senior warriors initiation).

Eunoto- End of Warrior-hood

After 7-10 years of being Morans or warriors, Eunoto, a ritual ceremony is conducted. It is a rite of passage from Morans to senior Morans. Eunoto is the second public ceremony that a Maasai man passes in his lifetime, a ceremony that ends the moran-hood.

This ceremony is observed once every decade when young Morans graduate into junior community elders.It is performed in a selected camp that contains twenty houses or more, characterized by an overnight session of song and dance. On the last day of the ceremony, the morans are sent to the river to smear themselves with mud and are thereafter shaved.

Orngesherr (Elder-hood initiation)

10 years later, they undergo the second ritualised head shaving. Here, as junior elders, mostly at the age of 35 years or so, they are initiated into elder-hood. During the graduation, several rites are observed, which includes, shaving off their hair again.

Every one in the age set looks forward to this final initiation. In this ceremony, every man is honored with an elder’s chair. This chair becomes a man’s friend until it breaks or inherited by his oldest son in case he dies before it breaks.In the early morning of the day of the event, he will sit on the chair and be shaved by his wife. If a man has more than one wife, it is the older wife’s responsibility to shave the husband.

After the ceremony, the men become elders who assume full responsibility of their own families. They are now allowed to move away from their fathers’ homestead and form their own homesteads.

Back to the 21st century, the modernized people of this community are exploring new fashion ideas with their clothing and beads….traditionally you’d see women in this..

But now they wear this…

….the story of the Masai community definitely continues, they are quite a community.

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Virtual Reality slots & casinos explained

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Take It Personel-ly

Gambling has evolved a lot over the years since it has been introduced. As the times have changed, gambling has had to evolve to keep up. This evolution has been exemplified by how gambling has taken off digitally. It was not that long ago when playing a few slot games would mean you had to go to the local casino. Today’s gamblers can simply download an app and start playing at King Casino from the comfort of their own homes, for however long they feel like playing. This freedom that online casinos have given players makes them an increasingly popular amongst both new and old players. Since online gaming is so popular, you may be wondering what else casinos and slots can do that would be a better experience. This is where virtual reality comes in, there is no better software to capture the experience of a live casino. 


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Technology and the Fashion industry.

The fashion industry is one of the biggest industries in the market.Generating an estimate of $1.5trillion a year. This industry is no stranger to innovation. Afterall, creativity is its bedrock. Meaning it shouldn’t be surprising how much it has been affected by the various advancements in Technology..

We live in the insta-age of technology. Where social media is changing how fashion is consumed,and has trained customers to want instant access to the latest trends ,as soon as they hit the catwalks. This has turned consumers into well connected and informed actors.So unlike in the past where producers dictated the supply ,it is increasingly influenced by consumer demands today.

In the past, fashion had always been seasonal . Clothes were designed according to the season ; clothes designed for spring and summer were often introduced early, while those designed for the colder seasons often debuted in February. This was due to the fact that brands needed enough time to asses how much demand there would be and produced the necessary inventory.

This is diffrent today,as fashion on Demand is a trend to watch.New technologies are shifting consumer needs to just in time production. The result is a reduced level of overstock and less clothing that ends in landfill.So companies now focus on the current time production instead of anticipating what customers will be interested in.

This is accompanied by a change in customer expectations; higher quality and individualised products ,prompt delivery and comprehensive pre- post purchase services,shipping and regular updates. With this, a number of companies have opted to In house production because this way the supply chain is optimised. The companies get to run the entire process, from material sourcing to production to shipping ,all under one roof to improve efficiency and speed up production and delivery.

Overtime ,innovative pioneers of the fashion industry, such as Adidas and Nike are now introducing product concepts ,equipped with technical components and digital attributes. Clothing items are now endowed with technical hardware and digital characteristics providing the consumer with new services and advantages ,at the same time challenging current business models in the fashion market. This includes wearables and smart clothes…

Technology has become so far advanced that it has enabled fashion designers to gain a better understanding of their customers wants and needs.

The Artificial Intelligence design for example, has been used to design clothes that it predicts what people will want next. Fashion brands have been using A.I to enhance customers shopping experiences,boost sales and forecast trends.

Besides this,technology has also enabled the fashion industry to offer more personalized items to their customers. 3D printing for example,can be used to create fantastic 3D printed fashion with shapes and geometries never made before,as well as making the clothing production process much more sustainable.3D printers can also be used to create tools that will help in the manufacturing of the final garment or accessory. Example, Louis Vuitton, a prominent high fashion company, uses 3D printing to produce tools that help ensure that their final products are produced efficiently yet elegantly. 

It has become an increasing need as competitiveness lies more on delivering products tailored to the customers taste and needs in a timely manner.

Aside from designs ,technology extends to the manufacturing process involved in the fashion industry.

Robot designs for Manufacturing.

The latest advancements have equipped robots with memory agility to make them highly programmable and collaborative. -smarter workers. Has resulted some companies to developing”sewbots” equipped with robotic arms and vacuum grippers ,that can guide a piece of cloth through a sewing machine accurately, bringing down the costs of manufacturing and speeding up the process.

For a developing country, Kenya has great potential to serve the global, domestic and Regional markets,from its pool of fashion designers and small tailors .The textile and clothing sector has also been identified as a pathway to industrialisation as it possesses incredible economic potential. However, there are challenges faced by this local fashion designers,which lags behind  the production and supply rate.This includes lack of market Readiness;the local designs are of good quality,but the global market definitely needs improvement and more.

Keeping in mind that production is now hugely based on consumer need and urgency, Fast fashion has become a major trend shaping the global consumer landscape. At this point,it might not be the right route for Kenyan fashion to pursue. Considering the distance between Kenya and its main destination of exports ,the US,it isnt favourable for the turnover time required for Fast fashion.

A valid avenue for Kenya to pursue being conscious consumers.

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Money is in honey….

The Masai people of Kenya live in areas with hostile environmental conditions and extended drought periods,sometimes. This community has a prefound knowledge in livestock; wildlife, trees and herbs are part of their environs.Their heritage is in culture and their resistance to change has led other communities to regard them as people living with nature.

So welcome to Masai land,where nature brings us the money…

The Masai community are the main ethnic group in Kajiado county ,located among the semi-arid areas of Kenya.Characterised by rough terrain and an annual rainfall of 300-600mm.The main activity here has been pastoralism. Such climatic conditions, make the Acacia trees to dominate most of the vegetation; which are quite the best habitat for practicing Apicultre – bee keeping.The population and settlement here is quite scattered ,leaving lots of idle land.

So beekeeping is a subsidiary activity that has become a lifeline to this community, initially because of the importance they attach to their cattle and medicinal purposes ,but now for commercial uses…

Bee keeping is the art of managing bees to get honey,now with its by products. It requires less capital because one can start with one or two hives,less space and doesn’t require good soil so it can be practiced besides other farm activities. Because of this economic benefits ,it is emerging as a successful agricultural practice for rural areas like this parts of Kajiado, in a developing country like Kenya ..The extended drought conditions leaves most of the Maasai livestock dead. Theres barely a vegetation to feed on.And when it comes to them, the idea of contemplating life without their cattle is hard to fathom. Some will actually prefer dying from hunger than kill their own animals. This was amongst the reasons to venture into beekeeping, considering the already available resources (acacia trees),they needed to diversify.

Over the years, this community has been practicing beekeeping using the traditional methods ; the traditional log hives…which rendered this activity a male occupation,because it requires physical strength and its necessary to climb the trees to harvest honey. Therefore not suitable for women .People had less knowledge  interms of the market too, so honey was produced for local use ; for food and medicine mostly.

Technology and Beekeeping

With technological advancements however, alot has changed. People  are now aware of the high profits beekeeping has when practiced right….Even much for a community which men dominate the women;; women have little say,but in beekeeping they are more empowered. Most of the beekeepers are now women ,they harvest and also sell the honey…Forming organisations to empower more women.

The use of modern equipments has enabled members of this community to enlarge their bee keeping schemes,from switching to modern hives that collect more than just honey, to harvesting more conveniently, and obtaining high quality honey.

Despite the success of beekeeping though,it has not dampened the desire of the Maasai to buy more cows.Just so you know how much they really mean to them.One will consider beekeeping to get money to buy more cows..
So now the honey is not only sold in Kajiado and its environs,but into the capital Nairobi as well.They also have plans to export.

Should one consider keeping bees for business, they should know of the byproducts of honey,and know there is a market for these too.Beeswax,Royal jelly, Propolis,Pollen and Bee venom are amongst the byproducts. Whose harvesting and marketing has been enhanced with technology, making hives that put all these into consideration.What i like most in beekeeping is its cost effectiveness, like with these by products, it costs almost nothing to harvest,because they’ll be harvested with the honey.

The rural new normal?

With the pandemic disrupting many sources of income countrywide,many people are considering practicing beekeeping; because of its convinience and eligibility to start,to how economical it is,there is less expenditure and a high profit margin when the business grows.One only needs to practice this right.Kenyas potential at agriculture is estimated at over 100 000 tonnes of honey and 10,000 tonnes of beeswax per amnum.A single hive can produce upto 20kilograms( 44 pounds) of honey per harvest and sells for around 800 kenyan shillings ($8)a kilogram.Most farmers harvest 2 to 4 times a year,and with the rise in its practice over here,Kajiado county is quite a contributor.

I find beekeeping really funn,from how bees gather to make honey, to how the queen bee is protected,all that is the beauty of nature.Yes the world is growing and changing, we switching to Ecommerce and stock markets, but here we are still  people of nature.Nature still brings us the money.
As a member of this community,its definitely an investment id consider,you know, use nature  to bring me some money too,

if money is really in the honey…

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