Our thoughts and creating realities…

Our minds are a field in which every kind of seed is sown on a daily basis, through our thoughts ,words and deeds,and what these seeds generate become the substance of our lives:our realities.

One cultivates heaven or hell in ones mind,by sowing wholesome or unwholesome seeds.Wholesome seeds are those of happiness,joy,harmony ,peace and liveliness, unwholesome ones are based on fear,worry,guilt, doubts, unpleasant past experiences and all that. All the experiences and perceptions that come to us are what become the seeds that are stored in our consciousness. As a result of the manifestation of this seeds, our minds distort our way of thinking ,we end up believing that our perception of reality is correct–in turn making erroneous conclusions about things around us.Also because the nature of our minds is obstructed– we build a world full of illusion for ourselves,because of the distorted way we perceive reality.

. –we carry with us these seeds in our consciousness for the longest time-even across generations- -in turn creating habit energies– since we’ve become clouded to only thinking in a certain way-our thoughts are now based on some series of pattern that doesn’t change unless interfered with. We are not able to perceive things as they are,we interpret everything in terms of this habit energies.

The habit energies carried by the seeds, affect our patterns of seeing, feeling, and behaving,and this habit energies are now the fruits of our behaviour,formed by our reaction to things and our environment.– that’s how we form realities in our heads:its what you’ve been cultivating the whole time through your habitual thinking; so whether we have happiness or not,depends on the seeds that are stronger in our consciousness.What are you always thinking about???

Sometimes we tend to pity ourselves when we perceive that fate is against us:failing to understand that at the exact point ,we are living the lives or realities we’ve been creating overtime through our system of habitual thinking. They say you are what you think,because we create our own thoughts, the thoughts create our intentions ,the latter slowly creating our realities.

So basically, if the basis of creating our realities is in our minds,one has to be aware of the seeds that dominate their consciousness,work on breaking the unwholesome ones that in turn create negative habit energies and cultivate the wholesome ones,that build a positive mindset. We have to correct everything we create In our consciousness from what we allow it to consume,,to the voices we choose to listen to when it comes to others perception of us. Inshort everything we feed our brains with that manifests in our thinking–so that the reality of ourselves and of the world may have a chance to reveal itself.

There are self programming strategies ,that help us build firm and healthy mindsets, getting rid of the various tendencies we’ve picked and the thought patterns weve created overtime based on the ideas we receive ,experiences or our perception,that have been driving our thinking and our lives.We are able to look into our habit energies and transform them in regards to what one wants in life, in the end creating our proper realities.

… Developing a healthy mindset.

The power of the subconscious mind

..The subconscious mind is the powerful secondary system that runs everything in our lives. It’s the data bank for everything, which is not in your conscious mind, because it stores your beliefs,your previous experiences, your memories, your skills,– literally everything that we’ve seen or perceived leaves a mental impression in it–not forgetting the various tendencies our subconscious minds have picked up from birth that are still with us,,,

Majority of our lives are fulfilled by the subconscious, meaning we should try exist in our subconscious mind as opposed to our conscious mind,control our habitual thinking change the way we perceive things ,because until you make the subconscious conscious, it will direct and live your life,make you create realities that never existed and you’ll call that fate.So whatever lies within us needs to be processed and expressed, by bringing it up to the conscious mind ,else it continues to lurk in our subconscious mind forever …

You get your subconscious mind to work for you by keeping the conscious mind busy with expectations of the best and make sure the thoughts you habitually think are based on things that are ,lovely, true and just and harmonious—because when your mind thinks correctly, when you understand the truth and when thoughts deposited in your subconscious mind are constructive, harmonious and peaceful,the magic working power of your subconscious mind will respond and bring about harmonious conditions, agreeable surroundings and the best of everything.

Theres is a life principle that states,that for a healthy general wellbeing, there has to be a connnection between your mind, your body and your environment.;;; and when trying to put this principle into action,we link our bodies and environment to our conscious mind forgetting that the subconscious rules over 90% of our lives–you fail to recognize and use this power and condemn yourself to live within every narrow limit.

You need to understand that the world within( thoughts feelings and imagery) creates the world without, the only creative power and everything that you find in your world of expressions, has been created by you in the inner world of your mind,consciously or unconsciously- so you really have to be the one controlling your mind,and in order for one to change the conditions in life, one must change the cause, in your subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind is reactive,it responds to the nature of thoughts. When it’s full of fear ,worry and anxiety, the negative emotions this creates in your subconscious mind are released,but when it’s full of thoughts of peace, happiness ,right action ,goodwill and prosperity,the exact same is what manifests In your general life. It’s only about what you plant in your subconscious ,it will determine your habit energies and create your reality. So in order to correct the wrong impressions, repeatedly give your subconscious mind constructive harmonious thoughts-it accepts them and healthier habits are formed.

It’s good to note that our subconscious minds don’t sleep,so when you’re sleeping ,it continues to work executing everything you planted in it. You discover the miracle working power of your subconscious mind by plainly stating to it the specific thing you want accomplished ,prior to sleep. As you fall asleep it continues working on that and forces within you will be released that lead you to the result you wished for. This is where affirmations come in,you state or affirm boldly what you want ,just before sleeping( or when you wake up) .Healing takes place rapidly at night because there is no interference with your concious mind,plus you connect with your subconscious better in that peaceful sleepy or drowsy state. Close your eyes and relax, let go and exist in your mind,after achieving that calmness,begin affirming. Plant this harmonious thoughts in your head and repeat as many times for it to get it.Then when you get up,try maintaining a positive habitual thinking by the day,by thinking right and staying in an environment that advocates for the same.

When you are physically or mentally disturbed, the best thing to do is relax and still the wheels of your thought process. Speak to your subconscious mind – tell it to take over in peace ,harmony and divine order, and be sure to speak with authority and conviction. We injure ourselves by the negative thoughts we entertain; anger, fear, jealousy and vengeance are amongst the poisons that enter our subconscious.

The basis of all healing is a change of belief,and our beliefs lie in our subconscious, that’s why It gives you the independence of time and space, and make you free of all pain and suffering. To realize your desires and overcome your frustrations ,affirm boldly,choose to believe that something good will happen and is happening now.

When you begin to control your thought processes ,you can apply the powers of your subconscious to any problem or difficulty.

For your prayers to work too,or succeed, get your subconscious to accept your idea or request and you do that with faith and confidence. Failure to get results sometimes maybe a consequence of making negative comments : “its hopeless”, “I cant do it anyway”,and such. Affirming needs strong belief,that after you asked for something and you worked towards it you get it,and no negative statements afterwards.

Your subconscious mind maybe likened to the soil,which will grow all sorts of seeds good or bad . So as you sow in your subconscious mind ,so shall you reap in your body and environment. Begin to sow thoughts of peace, happiness, health and wealth, success and prosperity, think quietly and with interest on those qualities and accept them fully in your conscious reasoning mind.

Our thoughts and realities. …

Understanding our minds

There are levels of the human mind. The conscious mind , the subconscious mind and the unconscious mind. The conscious mind is responsible for all your perpetual activity. The part of your consciousness that enables you to be aware of your environment as well as interact with it. The subconscious mind is the part of your consciousness that in usual circumstances remains hidden right below the surface of your conscious awareness. The Mind where all the emotions and desires are trashed.

Your conscious mind constructs an awareness in you and everything about you,and in it there are two brain regions worth a mention. A system that’s responsible for all your emotional responses ,that are the major elements of your conscious experiences( the limbic system), and a system that acts as a filter for those emotions as well as your behavioral responses,(the frontal lobe-prefrontal cortex.)

Emotions and behaviours that the Frontal lobe deem inappropriate never reach the surface of your conscious mind,hence trapped into the depths of your subconscious mind and remain hidden at the bottom of your limbic system.

Overtime,the piled subconscious kinky desires and repressed emotions get heavier . If this junkyard is not cleaned often by bringing the repressed emotions up to the surface of the conscious mind, then it would start affecting the mental and physical health of a person .They lead to some kind of psychological breakdown. –the harder you try to keep your feelings inside, which you think as inappropriate to express,the more vulnerable you become and that’s how it starts affecting –so one needs to let out feelings or emotions quite often to prevent loading the subconscious mind.

The conscious mind ,is the navigator of your life,the master of your body,environment and all your affairs,–the subconscious mind takes orders,it doesn’t even question. Once it accepts an idea,it begins to execute it and doesn’t even engage in judging you.

The unconscious mind remains asleep throughout your lifetime at the bottom of your consciousness. Its the most primitive mental construct that holds an innate beast responsible for hysterical strength. In times of utter distress ,this beast wakes up and takes hold of your conscious mind in the form of fight or flight, and it enables you tackle a life or death situation in a way you can never do with your state of consciousness.You’d hear a case of some parent lifting a car to save a child…

For a healthy mindset, this parts of the brain function in harmony with each other,and to make your mental universe richer and healthier.

However, we need to make some factual observations like,90 % of our life is subconscious, because in our subconscious minds, lies the inherent quality of an enlightened mind that everyone possesses….plus its a seat of emotions and a creative mind,you think good it follows,you think evil it follows.The subconscious mind holds most of the power and is therefore responsible for solving problems, for healing ,for generating happiness, peace ,joy and harmony, the one we should look at with keen and understanding. ….

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Responsibility as the active side of morality

Our understanding of responsibility includes the basic belief, that each one of us has a mutual agreement with those around us to do our part,carry our fair share of the load ,and accept the consequences of our actions.

literally, responsibility means your ability to respond-orienting towards others (self),paying attention to them(self)and actively responding to those needs.

Its learning to contribute your effort and time according to your role and your expectations: at home ,at school and even at work –keeping your priorities straight and being reliable everytime.

Amongst many definitions of Morality, its defined as a sense of responsibility for acting out of concern for others -responsibility on the other hand ,emphasizes our positive obligation to care for each other.Therefore ,responsibility acts as the active side of Morality-it includes taking care of self and others, fulfilling our obligations, contributing to the society /community ,alleviating suffering and building a better world.Now that’s Responsibility.

We are developing your character remember…

Means that one has to study themselves, and their environments,understand their roles in life ,so as to become responsible, honor and deliver their commitments.

Creates a better world for us and those around us.

Thanks for reading❤❤

Character development

Character development is the deliberate effort to nurture the universal attributes upon which communities agree.This attributes are what build or make our morals and character.They are,and not limited to Respect, Honesty, Responsibility, Optimism,Courage, Empathy,Integrity, Perseverance.

Good character is when your head ,heart, soul and hands agree to the right thing, in the right way, in the right reasons ,and the combined effort gets the right results in the midst of most adverse conditions in life.These character attributes are too important and need to be developed or grown, because they foster an environment of trust and good faith which are essential for growth of self and your relation with others.

You get to develop this attributes by simply practicing them.You develop respect by practicing being polite ,courteous and caring,valuing yourself and others. You develop responsibility by being responsible for your thoughts,actions ,being accountable for your choices , and being dependable to honor your commitments .You develop honesty by being sincere, truthful and trustworthy and you develop Optimism by having a positive attitude ,seeing challenges as opportunities, thinking, speaking and acting with hopes for the future.

It’s dynamic and a lifetime process ,it takes sincere commitment to wanting to grow and develop your character and the will to actually do it.Take time studying and evaluating yourself, your position and calling in life as to know when and how to serve and deliver your attributes and in turn, develop your character and morals.

Your rough edges and character development.

Suffering and rough edges are part of life and since life is about learning and moving forward,we should start looking at our sufferings as helpers in our character development. You wont go through a difficulty if it’s not to help you grow and do you good in the end. God wont allow.

The closed doors,the disappointments, the failed plans,all happen for our good,to develop our character. We learn patience, we grow our faith and find healing where it didn’t live ,and that’s growth.

Sometimes God doesn’t give us the things we pray for now because they belong to us in the future,he develops our character by making us wait,creating situations that grow us until we are at our best point of receiving. Learn not to complain and argue when you dont get what you want,keep your mouth shut,be respectful,be faithful and responsible to your duties and that does the work in you.You’re only needed to keep the right attitude while doing the right thing, and know , everything that happens in life gets us ready for the next level of our destiny.

Do you take time to learn??

Practice selfcare anywhere

  1. Prioritize sleep– it’s one of the ways to bolster immunity, supercharge your cognition and offset stress.
  2. Work it out– exercise helps keep illness at bay and boosts happiness. You can work it out at the comfort of your place by doing some simple body exercises( YouTube offers a wide platform of workout videos), or hit the gym if you can.
  3. Practice deep breathing or meditation– get yourself out of the noise and tap into your inner calm by meditating or breathing deeply. Meditation is one of the tools that combat anxiety, Depression and general stress.
  4. Eat to beat stress– what you eat affects how frazzled you feel. Skip junk in favour of veggies and fruits. Dark chocolate should be included.
  5. Be grateful-practicing the act of gratitude and self appreciation, such as by keeping a gratitude journal for recording blessings ,improves physical health, optimism and wellbeing. Get yourself a pretty notebook and maybe as you go to sleep, note down all the events of the day and appreciate yourself. You might have achieved something, learnt something or got over something.
  6. Turn on some tunes– know about the music therapy? According to research, music lessens symptoms of mental illness. It doesn’t have to be anxiety or depression you fighting, you could be chasing a bad mood.Turn on your favourite song or album and have fun.
  7. Unplug from social media-comparing yourself to others will definitely wreak havoc on your stress level,plus the nonstop news cycle. Try a social media detox,call a friend, hangout or chill.
  8. Flex your creative chops with art therapy-practice your creativity by colouring, drawing, you could try painting or knitting, or basically anything you good at. Something about art therapy, it creates relaxation and mindfulness.
  9. Train your brain to be more resilient– you dont have to be born resilient, you grow this attribute by your own, try utilize your skills and strengths to cope and recover from problems and challenges.

Dont waste time agonizing about what you should have done!!!!

Mistakes will always happen,and everyone makes them- the point is to learn from them and move aggressively.

Mistakes are problems waiting to be solved,and anytime you experience a big problem it’s on you to make sure it doesn’t happen again-instead of brooding over it wondering what you should have done or why you let it happen in the first place- use it as a lesson.

You cant protect yourself from the unknown but you can about the known.. You learn from it by maximizing the mistake — taking time to analyse it and getting the most out of it ,figure out how it happened so as not to repeat it again-“figuring out how ,not agonizing over how it happened””Look at every mistake as an opportunity to do something better.Otherwise ,you might repeat it again.

As you go about life,dont lose confidence in making decisions or taking new chances with the fear of making mistakes- it’s not a must that you’ll make them, but you are bound to make them occasionally since life is all about learning, dont forget,have this attitude of maximizing them ,learning the most out of them and keeping the go.

The beauty of life is, while we can’t undo what’s done,we can see it,understand it,learn from it and change.

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