On limited time

Your time is limited,so don’t waste it living someone else’s life,

Don’t be trapped by dogma- living with the results of other people’s thinking.

Don’t let the noise of other people’s opinions drown out your inner voice,

And most important,have the courage to follow your heart and intuition,

They somehow already know what you truly want to become.

–Steve Jobs

Keep your fire Burning

Don’t allow your fire to go out,

Spark by irreplaceable spark in the hopeless swamps of the not -quite,

the not -yet and the not at all.

Do not let the hero of your soul perish in lonely frustration for the life you deserved and have never been able to reach,

the world you desire can be won,

It exists

It is real

It’s possible

It’s yours .

_Ayn Rand.

Nobody knows

Nobody knows how their lives were supposed to flow,maybe we’d choose the perfect paths,

Nobody knows all the mistakes they were bound to make , maybe we could avoid some ,

Nobody knows, we only got a life filled with all that ,because we were meant to go through them,the point being to learn, evolve,discover ourselves, discover the many abilities and strengths we got and outgrow so many things in the process.

We only need grace to give us strength to keep going through anything,

strength to keep up the faith ,

more faith into believing in ourselves that we actually got this and we doing it right,and since the universe has its way,our perfect realities will unfold, right to our eyes.

We’ll get what we used to pray for,all we wished,we will get to our destinations.

But before that,we be grateful for everything and everyone we have,we practice kindness to ourselves and others, we be advocates for love ,we help others however we can ,

Since we all journeying through life…

Good morning ❤


Through out the years, we have had different definitions of beauty. From my observation,beauty standards gradually change from time to time. In the 50s Marilyne Monroe was the epitome of beauty. She was the soft spoken blonde that men went crazy over. She had a huge influence to the public that she was considered the […]


A womans body…

I want to be numb

It was lots of drama and lots of chaos

I was always there ,just me ,and I saw everything that happened

Thought I knew who was to blame,but for a minute I didn’t

Shit gave me lots of pressure,but he told me to find a distraction anytime it happened again,

So it happens again,lots of drama lots of chaos,I didn’t try to blame this time,

I just found Distractions,

again and again

Even when it got intense ,I found Distractions

But why did it still hurt?

So I call him,tell him Distractions ain’t working

I want to be numb….

Im only a person

For someone who’s not proud of their past and finally or somehow finds their way back you’ll feel the urge to make it right.

Even much,for someone who really thought to themselves that they needed a second chance,and something assures you you were given one.

Finally back on track, back to yourself,and you start it off good.Self realisation comes back to you,and everything is clear now,you know what to do and how to do it. The energy and determination, at its best.

This feeling that i got another chance to do things right again, not that i messed up bad,its like at some point in life i lost myself, and nothing much was going on with me. Wandered for a minute until i somehow found my way back ,and i knew i had to make things right.

This urge to make things right pushed me to doing better, trying out new things and realising that i was actually good. But it made me a control freak ,i only want things to go right and anytime they dont am freaking out.

So bad that sometimes its like am losing my mind again, i keep asking myself why i wasnt enough like why i never give it my all,i dont even realise i did ,like i really tried.

At that moment, anxiety takes over,back to constantly worrying about everything, and it really takes a hold of me and i dont like it.

Am finally admitting that anxiety is getting worse on me,i need to chill out sometime appreciate how far ave come believe in myself more that am doing my best ,then try to move with the floww.

Am really trying, its not hard i know

and maybe its that am just a person .

A child’s fate

Malnourishment was the first sign of trouble.

Not so bad,but her collar bones were sticking out,her eyes filled with very litte joy and a cloud of agony,no sign of peace.

I wondered what was going on in her head.Then something else caught my attention, the bites on her body,human bites.

Not one ,not two,but all over her body,then the scratches and stitches on her face??

I heard someone calling her at a distance,her mother I supposed, and she stood up fast and in shock,terrified much ,

Thats when i knew,that at 9years of age ,she was being abused.

She was being battered….

Child violence and abuse is all too common,with about 50% of children experiencing it in some form. From sexual violence to child battering, in the name of discipline children are given corporal punishment.

Only for showing emotions and making mistakes we adults make,over and over,,

Its not common for children to report violence or seek assistance, they think violence is to be tolerated.After all ,they experience abuse at their safe places,by their caregivers,in homes and in schools,

Child violence has to stop!!

Because it affects children from all backgrounds, leaving them with permanent disabilities, injuries ,health issues and emotional scars. They have an innate need to be close to their parents or caregivers,and this connection is usually achieved when a child is loved ,cared for and protected, not when they are abused.

There is need to sensitize the public on a child’s protection ,and to continue to strengthen the existing community structures as they play a key role in the identification and referral of children in need of protection.

We raise awareness and address societal norms so that violence against children is considered unacceptable and immediate action taken on those involved, as rapid as possible!!!

Violence against children should no longer be tolerated, it has to stop!!!!!!!!!!!

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